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How to Get IT Services that Scale With your Business

Jul 21, 2022 2:42:45 PM

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When it comes down to it, the goal of most businesses is growth. But, if your business were to double in size overnight, would you be properly equipped with the personnel, processes, and technology to support that growth? Most small firms would agree that they are not. However, with so many variables involved, there's no one-size-fits-all solution to be able to give you a guaranteed answer to this.

Lower Your IT Costs

IT outsourcing allows small businesses to obtain the services they want at a
lesser cost than hiring full-time IT staff. If you are hiring IT personnel in-house, you may only be able to afford a handful of employees — or even only one. With a managed service provider (MSP), on the other hand, you're able have a much larger staff of technical experts on hand at a fraction of the cost.  

Because of this, outsourced IT technicians will be able to spend less time researching and more time providing solutions and value for your business. More efficiency means more bang for your buck. 

Another perk of outsourcing your IT team is you’ll be able to have access to IT support only when needed, which reduces costs significantly allowing the saved money to be reinvested in the company’s future.

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About Cite Tech

Cite Technology Solutions strives to provide the very best in IT and security solutions. We provide comprehensive IT solutions for small and mid-sized organizations with complex needs. Offering 24/7 tech support, remote support, and cloud storage, we specialize in data management, medical imaging, HL7 interfacing, and HIPAA compliance.

Just some of our managed services include:

  • Fully Managed Antivirus
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Remote Management/Updates and Patch Management
  • Remote accessibility to all office PCs
  • Cybersecurity

 Contact us today to see if Cite Tech is right for your business.

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