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How To Strengthen The Most Critical Part Of Your Business: Your People

Dec 18, 2018 2:24:22 PM

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When asking most business owners what the number one frustration of their business was for them, what do you think surfaced as the most popular response?


Time Off?


Nope, turns out that 82% of owners said that their people (employees) brought on the most amount of heartburn for them.

And whether that frustration stems from "finding" good people" or "making" good people, it turns out that there are several steps that business owners can take in order to make sure they keep their overall frustration to a minimum.

Keep reading to figure out the 3-step process for getting on the right track to "people making" and getting your organization back on track for the new year.



1. Do you have the right structure for your organization?

Put another way: are you sure that your org chart is structured the best way for your particular business? Are you maximizing your current people's talents while also making sure that they own the right problems?

Or, like any good business owner loves to hear, is your org chart the way it is because "it has always been that way?"

Make sure the foundation is right first.

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2. Are the right people in the right seats?

Now that we made sure the structure is correct, let's focus on the names listed. Remove all the names and qualities of your current people and focus on the roles that need to be played in your organization. Now, place those names back on the sheet.

Do the personalities of the current people fit the required roles of their current positions? If not, you either need to build them up accordingly or find someone else who can play the role.

This isn't the most fun part of being a leader, but it is the most necessary role that you play. Make sure your ship is sound, then ensure your rowers have the capability to move it forward.


3. Do you have enough time to accomplish the right goals?

This one is two fold. Most owners know exactly what needs to happen and they have some big goals to accomplish, yet, they strangle their team by not discussing or allowing enough time to get the job done.

"I needed it yesterday" isn't exactly SMART goal setting.

The other type of business owner provides ample time to get the tasks done, but the problem is that most of his people are just "busy" performing tasks and activities. 


“If a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favorable.” ― Seneca


You must make sure that your team is chopping up and stacking huge "accomplishments" as they move the organization forward. 

First make sure your goals are correct, then refine the time and effort allowed to accomplish them with your high performing employees.

By ensuring that you go through these steps with your people, you will solidify not only a high performance organization, but you will inevitably refine your people making skills and launch your organization into a new stratosphere of execution.


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