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The Top Password Hygiene Tips You Need To Know

Apr 29, 2020 2:32:36 PM

The Top Password Hygiene Tips You Need To KnowMost people are amazed when their accounts get hacked due to cyber thieves guessing their passwords.

Yet, during the first three weeks of isolation, most citizens were unleashing their security question answers and esoteric passwords for the world to see while playing specific Facebook "games" sitting home bored.

Keep reading to learn a few simple steps and key lessons in password hygiene that could very well prevent you from becoming another internet hacking statistic.

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What is Password Hygiene?

Password hygiene is a fun play on words regarding safe practices for cleaning up or preventing contamination of your internet security codes and questions.

What Makes a Password "Strong"?

The following are the best rules of thumb to follow when analyzing your current password to verify its strength:

  • Do NOT use your initials, children's names, or your place of employment.

  • Do NOT use catchphrases of your favorite hobbies (especially ones depicted on your social media accounts)

    For example: if you are really into fitness and taking gym selfies, there are only so many renditions of "SwoleDaddy" and "MonsterPecs" you can use until hacking algorithms figure it out.

  • When you are able to, it is wise to use special characters such as "*" and "&" but not simply placing them at the end of the password. Sprinkle them throughout the entire password. 

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What are the Best Practices to Follow When Creating Passwords?

Instead of simply using the same nickname or pet name that you have for the past 10 years or keeping your password written on an old business card in your wallet, it may be time to really put some thought behind the one thing standing between internet hackers and your data, your money, and all your cloud accounts. Your data sent or obtained through a SMS or iMessage should be treated with as much care as all other data.

1- Use separate passwords on separate sites and cloud software


Simple: just because one site is encrypted and secure does not mean that they all are. Replicating your password for a simple internet forum can give bank account hackers the red carpet for logging into your online savings.

Keep them guessing by utilizing different passwords or different revisions of them.

2- Use encrypted online password storing sites

If you store your password on an online site, make sure that it is also encrypted

We get it. On one hand, we are telling you to create several different passwords, and on the other, we are acting like passwords are the only thing that you have to remember on a daily basis.

So if you utilize other password software to help you remember all your different logins or to simply increase the speed at which you can access your different sites, make sure to use trusted, encrypted software such as:

  • 1password

  • LastPass

  • Password Manager Pro

3- Do NOT share logins with co-workers or family members

This is the equivalent of giving hackers the keys to your home and only expecting them to raid your room.

That won't happen. They are taking what they can get access to and once they are in, they will take what they want.

2 doors with the same key = twice the risk.

Make sure that each user has their own login and password.

4- Install Anti-Virus Software on all your devices.

Most programs are too inexpensive to install in comparison to what it will cost you if your data or identity is stolen.

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Want To Learn More?

Does incorporating all of these practices sound like overkill or unrealistic? Don't be fooled. Just for perspective: 30,000 to 50,000 websites are hacked each and every day! 

Make sure you or your company don't become another statistic.

If you want to learn more practices ensuring your remote workers or your own personal data remains safe, contact us and consult with real people who prevent these real risks, daily!

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