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Why are Medical Imaging Integrators crucial?

Jul 6, 2020 4:46:49 PM

Why are Medical Imaging Experts crucial?

Medical system integrations and management do not need to be costly or take years to be successful. Accuracy and efficiency do need to be mutually exclusive.

Leave it to the experts.

Medical Imaging Integrators provide integrations and management services that work for all concerned and the right tools to help medical providers support healthier populations.

Let's dive into different reasons why Medical Imaging Integrators are crucial for your business.

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1- Ensure efficient new technology updates

When your company undergoes upgrades for new technology (within radiology, cardiology, oncology, obstetrics, or other departments) Medical Imaging Integrators ensure that those disruptions are minimized across the spectrum of care your facility provides.

For example:

Installing a new PACS system will not affect radiology images already stored and made available to HIS, EMR, and referring physicians.

Medical Imaging Integrators unite your data and keep your data available to those who need it without waiting for data migrations or special viewers.

2- Lower costs and improve patient care with integrated technologies

Changing technologies, upgrades, and mergers often result in multiple vendors and software operating within one medical facility. Meaning that too many components result in accidental increased inefficiencies, rate of errors, and costs.

Medical Imaging Integrators harness the expertise to manage and enable multiple systems to operate under an infrastructure.  This allows for physicians and technicians to continue working as they typically do, while being able to access numerous benefits from technology.

3- Integrate Multiple Technologies SUCCESSFULLY

Increasingly, medical facilities and radiology practices are introducing multiple systems to their day-to-day operations. The use of multiple technologies may open doors for possible time-management inefficiencies.

For example:

Radiologists are often found juggling between four separate PACS platforms in real time.  The juggling between platforms may be counterproductive and affect efficiency.  

Medical Imaging Integrators enable for multiple technologies and platforms to coordinate - Good system management may lead for a practice to be successful.

A practice using the best PACS systems may:

  1. Save money for hospitals
  2. Enable seamless interface with HL7, CDA, CCD, DICOM and others without delay or interruption
  3. Minimize turnaround time
  4. Provide flexible and easy to manage platforms

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What Medical Imaging Services Does CITE Tech Offer?

At CITE Technology we offer top-of-the-line medical imaging services by assisting with:

  • RIS/PACS solutions consulting   
  • HL7 interfacing configuration, monitoring and support
  • DICOM image connectivity, security, storage solutions, backup, etc
  • Workflow and work listing for Radiology Groups
  • Easy workflow environment for all your EMR needs
  • Tech support for immediate solutions
  • Complete data backup and recovery
  • and more!

Don't wait until a medical imaging and management problem stalls your operations and eats into your company's profits. 

Need A MEdical Imaging Integrators?

Contact us today to see how we can help keep your systems running as smooth as the services that your business offers.

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