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Why Data Back-Up And Recovery Are Essential

Dec 16, 2019 1:40:16 PM

CITE Back-up and recovery

You know the old saying, "you don't know what you have until it's gone"... Imagine you work for healthcare facility and you lose all of your patient data.  What happens next?

No one realizes how debilitating losing valuable data can be when your business relies on its protection and accessibility. 

Learn what you can do in order to have the appropriate backup and recovery systems in place for your team's data and information.

Why Do You Need To Back Up Your Data?

A good backup plan for your organization's data is crucial against any pending software malfunction or cyberattack.

Having a reliable way to access all the files or a full backup of your company's data gives you, as a business owner, less reasons to lose sleep at night and mitigate data breaches from any potential cyberattacks.

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What Are the Different Types of Data Backups?

There are many types of backups and they all have different protection/benefits. 

Some protect against file loss only and others protect against server/computer OS damage and can restore the entire setup, not just files and folders.

A backup is a copy of selected files, folders or information stored on disks. When you back up files and folders, only the data and folder tree are compressed and stored.

But, disk/partition backups are different from file and folder backups due to how much more they store and the range of data it covers.

For example, the Acronis product stores a sector-by-sector snapshot of the disk, allowing you to fully recover from a disk/hardware failure and be fully back up and running.

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How do you know if your data backup plan is good enough?

The first characteristic of a sufficient backup plan is one that you have put a great deal of thought and planning behind. 

This planning begins with a few crucial questions regarding your current plan:

1. What data would you absolutely need access to if your computer or an employee's PC was compromised?

  • Understand what stored data is valuable and crucial to back-up.

2. Are there any current gaps in your current backup plan or file protection's armor?

  • How long do you currently go between backups?

  • Does your computer only backup when connected to the office WIFI?

3. What files are currently being backed up?

  • Knowing which folders or files are being saved and protected is key.

  • Unknowingly working from other applications, not being backed up, can expose important information to outside viewers and can risk not being backed up or saved on a daily basis.

Why having Ransomware protection is so important?

Ransomware is growing more and more popular these days as more of our business is performed on the cloud.

Essentially, ransomware is a type of malware software that criminals install as a trap. 

Once a company falls victim to it, the malware encrypts all the data on the company hard drive so that it can no longer be accessed.

The criminal will then contact the owner and attempt to hold their data "ransom" until a specific fee is paid.

How to protect your data against ransomware

Aside from having a bulletproof data backup plan and premium-quality malware protection, you need to feel confident about how you will be able to access critical data in the event of a ransomware attack.

By partnering with the appropriate IT experts and establishing a protection and backup plan suitable for your organization's needs, you can focus more on business as usual and worry less about malfunctions and malware.

Don't Settle For Poor Data Protection 

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How CITE can help protect your data?

 Here are the data backup and protection services CITE offers:

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