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Software License Management

Monitor and maintain all your organization’s various software licenses.


What is Software License Management?

Software license management is a process of tracking, documenting and controlling how software is used throughout an organization. The goal of this program in the long run would be to provide a single console for all your company's needs with regards to licenses across departments which will save time down the road when any kind confusion arises because it'll be very easy now thanks to one system!

A software license management tool can assist you in complying with end user licenses, i.e., EULAs. A license metering feature is also included to notify about expiry dates or over/under usage of your company's products by monitoring what users do on their computers before they expire!

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Reduce Costs

Reduce Risk

License types depend on the platform and are typically standardized, but each organization has different terms in their contract. Some common types are:

  • Per device or CPU
  • Per user
  • Per network
  • Per subscription
  • General Public License (GPL)
  • Database
Software License Management. | CITE Tech

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