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Redefining Managed IT Services' Relevance To Your Organization

Sep 13, 2023 10:00:00 AM

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For most organizational owners and operators, it would be difficult to say with a straight face that IT isn't extremely important for their thriving organization's success. We live in a time that tech and online presence isn't just a luxury, but an absolute necessity.

From different perspectives and roles, IT can sometimes be unfairly criticized as a financial burden or an unavoidable inconvenience. And, in certain cases, it can even be wrongly labeled as rigid and unproductive operations.

In this blog we will breakdown the importance of managed IT services and how anyone can benefit from their services!

  1. What are the benefits of managed IT services?

  2. How can IT professionals shift the perception of organizations towards their services?

  3. How can IT professionals improve communication skills with customers?  

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What are the benefits of managed IT services?

Managed IT services offer a multitude of benefits that are essential for the success of modern businesses. From data backups to cybersecurity, there is a wide range of services that can be accomplished. For those who truly understand the value of IT, it becomes clear that these services provide vital support in today's business world. Here are just a few day-to-day examples of how valuable they can be: 

Ensuring that email functions seamlessly and efficiently to facilitate prompt communication.

Email is a crucial part of our everyday work day. It holds all the communication we have had with  employees, customers, and potential customers. In the absence of email, employees would be left dealing with lengthy phone conversations that could have been avoided. 

Not only is it imperative that your email functions correctly, but making sure it's backed up and secure and protected from junk or phishing emails is another task managed IT service providers take on! 

Keeping internet and networking systems running smoothly to keep offices operating at maximum capacity.  

If systems were to fail without the assistance of your IT professional, you would find yourself in a sticky situation, relying on Debbie from the copy room to navigate through complex server errors and connection issues. Quite a terrifying thought, isn't it?! Managed IT service providers are there to keep up with your systems, updates, and necessary system implementations (like HL7 interfaces!)

Implementing updates and adjustments to websites without burdening the business owner with exorbitant expenses.

If you've ever experienced the frustration of paying exorbitant fees to external website consultants just to make a simple "copy/paste" update, then you can definitely relate to what we're discussing here.

With access to the backend of your website, most managed IT service providers can make the quick adjustments for you, saving you both time and money.

Protecting sensitive company data from cybercriminals.  

Cybersecurity breaches, malware, ransomware, rebooting systems, and longer than expected wait times can have employees bad mouthing techies and sending business owners venturing out to seek seemingly easier, albeit more risky software.  But with a IT service provider, precautions are set in place to keep your business flowing smooth and efficiently!

So, how can IT professionals shift the perception of organizations towards their services?

1. Learn to communicate to companies that ALL organizations are participating in the race to shift to the digital space.

As companies embrace and create new technologies, especially with the help of artificial intelligence, IT sectors are the most fit professionals for solving the host of challenges that come with this shift. Undoubtedly, data security is an integral part of this shift!

2. IT professionals or consultants need to ensure that they learn as much as possible about the businesses that they are assisting.

This means diving as deep as they can into the business' goals, the KPIs, and all of the subtle friction points, so that they can apply the most suitable solutions to the company's most glaring problems. Remember, IT professionals are there to help grow the business, not just put out departmental fires!

3. IT professionals need to drastically improve their communication skills.

Overcoming the misconception of tech professionals having poor communication skills is crucial in building stronger partnerships and enhancing their perceived value. By honing their communication and listening skills, tech experts can dispel this stereotype and create more meaningful connections.

How can IT professionals improve communication skills with customers?  

Ask questions that unveil solutions individual employees/clients actually need to perform their company roles.

Tailoring solutions to meet the specific needs of each individual you collaborate with can greatly strengthen your relationships. This crucial aspect is instrumental in building strong and enduring connections.

Ask questions to clarify that the individual is tracking along with you; don't  lose them in the weeds with technical jargon. 

What may seem like a simple "copy/paste" request to your non-technical client/co-worker, may need some further explanation. Be patient, and walk through the journey with them.

Listen without judgement.

Provide alternative options in response to requests, even if you believe they may not be suitable. Rather than dismissing someone with a laugh or a simple "no," remember that your role is to assist and support. Elevate them to your level of understanding by offering clear and detailed explanations.

Communication with facts. 

Demonstrate the true worth of your IT services through concrete numbers and data. In the wise words of an old adage, "the numbers never deceive." When stakeholders see how IT contributes to business growth, their perception of its importance will undoubtedly change.

Cite Technology Managed IT Services

By implementing these straightforward strategies, IT professionals will discover a seamless integration with the stakeholders of organizations. The undeniable advantage of this collaboration is that it propels the business to thrive and prosper.

At Cite Technology Solutions, our aim is to help all of our customers and all stakeholders understand the importance of securing their most sensitive data assets, empowering their workforce to drive business growth, and recognizing the critical role of IT in the stability and success of their organization in today's cloud-driven world. By shedding light on the value of IT services, we can transform the perception of IT from lurking in the shadows to being an essential asset that propels businesses forward. 

Contact us today and find out how we can help your organization!

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