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What is a Network Assessment & Why is it Beneficial for Your Company?

May 8, 2023 11:20:00 AM

Network AssessmentHave you been considering a network assessment for your business, but not sure what exactly that means, or how the assessment benefits your business?

Here is a simple breakdown.  A network assessment is a thorough report and analysis of your company’s current IT framework, security, management, processes, and performance. The goal of the assessment is to identify opportunities for improvement and get a overall view of the current state of your existing network. This helps you make more informed and strategic business decisions that can directly affect your performance.

What Are the Benefits of a Network Assessment?

As your business advances, so does the complexity of your IT infrastructure. Network assessment is vital for ensuring an efficient and well-functioning network that can continue to meet rising demands. It

1. Identify Vulnerabilities within Your Network

Often times cybersecurity hacks happen when hackers exploit the vulnerabilities of your network. Implement a security strategy that strengthens your defenses and safeguards against data breaches, unauthorized access, and malware/ransomware attacks. A network assessment can prevent this from happening by uncovering them before they do!

2. Identify Bottlenecks

Evaluating how your network is performing is an essential part of an IT assessment. This can help you identify bottlenecks and other performance issues, in turn greatly reducing them to improve efficiency in your operation systems. A network assessment can provide essential insights into system performance, illuminating opportunities to improve efficiency through targeted upgrades and maintenance.

3. Streamline Resources

With a network assessment, discover which resources are being underutilized or overutilized, pinpointing areas where optimization would greatly improve performance , minimize inefficiencies and maximize productivity.

If you are planning on making any major changes with your network, such as migrating to the cloud or switching out different hardware, a network assessment should be at the top of your list. It's important understand the potential value and concerns that could arise before you make any changes.

4. Reduce Costs

Unsure if you're utilizing all your system assets? A network assessment will reveal which assets are being underutilized and allow you to cut unnecessary costs. By identifying areas for improvement, you can optimize your IT system and increase cost-effectiveness.

5. Guarantee Compliance

Ensure your business complies with regulatory standards like HIPAA, PCI DSS, or GDPR by getting a network assessment. This assessment finds compliance gaps, so you can quickly fix them and avoid costly fines and penalties.

How Can CITE Tech Help?

Cite Technology Solutions is now offering a FREE Comprehensive Network Assessment to anyone who is interested in learning more about how secure their network is and want to explore any tech-related interruptions!  Our comprehensive IT assessment uses advanced technology to scan your network and uncover rich information pertaining to performance, security, risk and exposure. The assessment takes place at your premises and is covered by a nondisclosure and confidentiality agreement, giving you complete control to safeguard your organization.

Sign up for your Free Network Assessment today!

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