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The Comprehensive Guide To Understanding VoIP

Mar 12, 2020 1:52:34 PM

The Comprehensive Guide To Understanding VoIP | Cite Technology

The right phone solution plays an important role in the success of your business!

Understanding the key differences between VoIP and traditional phone systems can help you make the right decision for your business and to get the most value from your investment.

1. What is VoIP?

VoIP means "Voice over Internet Protocol." It keeps your phone system in the cloud, via your internet. In essence, VoIP enables users to make low-cost phone calls over the internet.

The terms “internet telephony” and “broadband phone service” are often heard today when referring to the service. Do not be confused, VoIP is the standard terminology used among IT professionals.

Other than the phones themselves, there is no on-premise hardware or software installation or maintenance. If you're interested in ending your relationship with steep fees associated with setting up or replacing your current phone system, VoIP is for you. 

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2. How Does VoIP Work?

This depends on which VoIP method being used.

In all methods, VoIP records analog voice signals and converts them into digital signals (little packets of data). This data is then sent over your network cable out to the internet. The process is seamless!

IP Telephones

IP telephones work similar to traditional phone systems, but these devices plug straight into your computer instead. IP phones usually come with all the hardware and software needed to connect to a router or server.


With this method, the only tools needed are software and a good computer sound card. The software works as an emulator of the traditional phone system while using the internet as a driver. 

In terms of hardware, all you need is a headset and a microphone.

Analog Telephone ADAPTER (ATA)

An ATA adapter enables users to plug their traditional telephone to their computer to make VoIP calls. This adapter takes the analog signal from the traditional phone and converts it into digital data, which can be then transferred over the internet.

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3. Why Choose VoIP over traditional phone Systems?

Now that we understand the basics of how VoIP works, the question is, "Why should you choose to invest in VoIP over traditional phone systems?"

Several common reasons that organizations and IT professionals invest in VoIP over traditional phone systems include financial gains, efficiency, and ease offered to users. 

Financial Gains

Selecting VoIP over traditional phone systems leads to financial gains, a reason enough to attract today's market.

When comparing financial gains between VoIP over traditional phone systems, the numbers speak for themselves.

Using VoIP systems enable:

  • Fewer hardware costs; resulting in up to 40% in savings

  • Payments made only for what you actually need

  • A single system supports multiple locations

  • Majority of features and upgrades are included in the cost

Traditional phone systems may involve financial losses such as:

  • Costs for cabling, hardware, closet space, electric and cooling

  • Advance payments for planned growth

  • Multiple phone systems for multiple locations

  • Upgrade and maintenance fees 


Using VoIP over traditional phone systems will enable a more efficient process, in terms of installation, scalability, and maintenance.

When comparing financial gains between VoIP over traditional phone systems, the numbers speak for themselves.

VoIP scores big in the field of efficiency.

  • Installation: Quick & easy setup and installation

  • Scalability: Adjusts to your needs during growth, so you utilize what you need, when you need it. Phone lines added or deleted in minutes

  • Maintenance: Other than phones, no maintenance required

Traditional, premise-based phone system may not be the most efficient:

  • Installation: Time-intensive setup - significant hardware installation required

  • Scalability: Is difficult; demanding tedious planning and a whole lot of guessing. Can take weeks to months to add or delete phone lines

  • Maintenance: Requires an IT specialist to manage and make changes

Ease of Use

Ease of use weighs in as an important factor wherever functioning holds value. And when aiming for ease, choosing VoIP wins again.

In terms of use, VoIP systems:

  • Upgrade automatically through the cloud

  • Enable multiple users to connect from multiple devices with an Internet connection; easily extending to a remote workforce

  • Built-in fail-over carries the system during unforeseen internet or power-loss 

  • Allow calls automatically reroute to other data centers so customer experience is not affected

In terms of use, traditional phone systems:

  • Involve upgrades that require manual updates from IT specialists

  • Are not mobile compatible; therefore, accommodating a mobile workforce is difficult

  • Redundancy is feasible, but wildly expensive

  • Recovery is usually delayed, resulting in negative customer experiences

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4. How to incorporate VoIP in your business?

CITE recognizes the benefits of VoIP for you, our customers.

We also recognize that when faced with many options, figuring out the best option can often confuse or overwhelm.Therefore, we researched, discovered, and recommend the best VoIP providers in our area.


P3 VoIP bridges the gap to help provide you the best possible solution and service.

Our collaboration with P3 VoIP enables CITE to provide you with superior service because of their status as a premiere hosted voice system.

Services Provided by CITE with VoIP

Our exciting P3 Voip CITE services include: 

  • Flexibility to use your work phone via any internet connection (or even your cell phone)

  • Maximum up-time (which is ensured by Cloud Hosted phone systems)

  • Automatic fail-over in the event of failure (fail-over to another office, cell phone, etc.)

  • Never burning money on another business-grade phone system again!

Contact Us to Start Your VoIP Experience

If you are seeking to amplify your business productivity while strengthening your communication, VoIP is your unicorn! P3Voip seamlessly merges voice, presence, chat, data, application and more.

Secure gains. Enhance efficiency. Welcome ease.  We're here for you! 

From technical support to VoIP management, we offer it all! Contact Cite today!

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