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The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services vs. Hiring Internally

Jul 13, 2022 7:24:13 PM

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Currently, there is an apparent rise in firms hiring technology partners to fulfill their IT staffing demands. Some, on the other hand, are undecided whether they should outsource their IT work or keep it in-house. 

A common assumption is that company issues can be resolved more timely if the IT team is internal, but that's actually not the case. In most instances, an outside IT service provider can configure, administer, repair, and support any form of IT resources that you need help with remotely, with the help of advancing technology of course.

By hiring an outside IT service provider, you are able to focus on other business priorities to further increase your revenue and growth. Here are 5 benefits of hiring an outsourced IT service provider.

More Comprehensive Support

Outsourcing allows you to hire a team with the right skills, training, qualifications, and expertise to match your industry's needs. Instead of depending only on one specialist, you get the expertise of a whole technical support team. Partnering with an IT team that adheres to government regulations and industry standards will improve data quality as well as mitigate risks and liabilities and help protect against cyber attacks

More Reliable

All-star IT team members with a variety of skills and knowledge are incredibly valuable and worth every penny. But what happens when they decide to take their expertise elsewhere and you're left to pick up the pieces? This is likely to put your business at risk with them being the sole IT support for your business. Also being aware of your business applications, systems, and employees could potentially leave your business vulnerable to potential cyber incidents, like a data breach or ransomware.

By outsourcing your IT service provider, you'll never have to worry about losing support when a technician leaves your IT partner since a back-up is always ready to go.

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By outsourcing your IT responsibilities, you'll be allowed to focus more on operating and investing in your business rather than having to deal with the technical issues that a support team would take on. All of the software and personnel that you will need would be provided by the service provider, leaving out all the searching, buying, and managing you would have to do otherwise. It really is that simple.

Predictable Cost

When hosting your IT support team in-house, things like employee benefits, bonuses, and taxes are a concern you have to keep in mind. On the other hand, when outsourcing your service provider, the value-based approach allows for predictable monthly pricing and enables the provider to offer a complete range of It services at one flat rate to you as opposed to charging for each individual service.


When you hire an IT partner's on-demand support, you're able contact a team of trained experts and technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to solve your issues as quickly as possible. These consultants work 365 days a year with no days off, and they will have the most relevant resources to serve you.

24/7 IT support can sound expensive, but it doesn't have to be. You can choose between full-time, around-the-clock monitoring or getting in touch with  someone in the event that something goes wrong, so you get the service that works best for you and your budget.

Why Choose Cite Tech

Even if you have a team of existing in-house IT resources, what better approach to maximize their potential than to merge their efforts with outsourced IT support? A team within your organization can handle the tactical aspects, drawing their insights into day-to-day business operations and requirements, while outsourced IT consultants oversee the development of an effective strategic foundation for long-term growth.

Cite Technology Solutions strives to provide the very best in IT and cybersecurity solutions. We offer comprehensive IT solutions for small and mid-sized organizations with complex needs.

Contact us today and let us serve you!

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